Disney Princess Series: Cinderella

Ah… Cinderella… A classic. Cinderella is one of those stories that just about every culture has a variation of and has been around for many years. While Cinderella was never my all-time favorite Disney princess, I always did enjoy the movie. Like Sleeping Beauty, I hadn’t seen Cinderella in at least 5 years, so watching it again was certainly an experience.

First of all, all of Cinderella’s friends are mice, birds, and farm animals. While I always accepted this, and I believe that many people accept this, because it is, after all, a classic, it’s a tad strange. The girl loves to spend time with mice, even making clothing for them and singing to them. Now if I had a house full of rodents, I’d be a little spooked, but you know…it is a fairy tale. 

Also, the fact that Cinderella is practically a slave in her own home is really very disturbing. While it is recognized that her life is terrible, the forced servitude thing really is unsettling. And not only is she a victim of excessive labor, but also of verbal abuse. I mean, that part where the stepsisters rip up her dress with the permission of the stepmother is just something else… It went from

cinderella 1


Cinderella 2


Cinderella 3
And it was such a beautiful dress…

…It was pretty bad. Aside from the negativity, the film has some truly satisfying moments.

  1. Can somebody explain to me why this shower looks so nice?
Maybe it's because the birds are so effortlessly wringing the sponge?
Maybe it’s because the birds are so effortlessly wringing the sponge?

2. Amazing. And I love the song she sings in this scene (“Sing Sweet Nightingale”).

cinderella 6
I used to love this scene so much that I would mop the floors just so that I could emulate Cinderella!

3. Such a cute scene. Such a cute song. I take back what I said about having animal friends!

Curse those stepsisters for ruining that handcrafted dress!
Curse those stepsisters for ruining that handcrafted dress!

4. Bippity Boppity Boo!

Take that stepsisters/stepmother!
Take that stepsisters/stepmother!

5. You’ve got to admire the way she so seamlessly wins the prince over and sings that fabulous song (“So This is Love”).

Masterful work.
Masterful work.

6. Putting a ring on it like nobody’s business.

You go girl!
You go girl!

7. And of course, the classic.

I'm not much of one for hashtags, but this deserves it. #FLAWLESS
I’m not much of one for hashtags, but this deserves it. #FLAWLESS

Credits to buzzfeed.com for pointing me in the direction of some of these great gifs!

Writing those satisfying moments has made me enjoy this movie even more! I mean I can only think of one worthy response to Cinderella’s ability to go from forced servitude to a princess within a matter of days: applause

And with that, I say: you need to see Cinderella. Even if you aren’t a fan of the princess movies, it’s just a classic (and it’s kind of magical!).


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